Interviewed by Mary L. Tabor on Rarebird Radio

Big thanks to Mary L. Tabor for interviewing me on her radio show! We talked about teaching, creativity, comedy, books, publishing, small presses, and independent bookstores, all in the space of a half-hour! Here’s a link, in case you’re curious:

Mary L. Tabor with Marc Schuster 06/19 by rarebirdradio | Blog Talk Radio.

Oh, and I also do my Sean Connery impersonation.

Everybody’s Talking At Me…

Well, at least I hope everybody’s talking at me… Or posting comments and questions to the discussion board that Rare Bird Blogtalk Radio host Mary L. Tabor has started for fans of my work on GoodReads. Mary will also be interviewing me on her radio show later this week, but if you just can’t wait, feel free to drop by GoodReads and ask me something. Or tell me something. Or order some takeout… I deliver!

Inexplicable Need

In the latest installment of my podcast, “Inexplicable Need: An Interview with Shaun Haurin,” I get into a heated discussion with a former student about how to address a former professor and also about the title of one of my favorite short story collections. I then interview Shaun Haurin, the author of the collection, and find out that I was wrong. The podcast also includes a pair of readings from the book in question, Public Displays of Affectation.