From the Sketch Book

As promised in a previous post, here are a few of the sketches I’ve produced over the past month. I bought some colored pencils yesterday, so towards the end, there’s a little bit of color.

My Living Room

My Kitchen

These first two are (obviously) rooms in my house. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I’m still struggling with perspective.

Bird House on the Beach

I sketched this one on a brief visit to Ocean City, NJ.

Show of Hands

I got a book called Drawing Dynamic Hands from the library. Judging by the results, I should have gone with Drawing Lethargic Hands.

Woman in Chair

Random Face

Kerri at Rest

The only time I can sketch my wife is when she’s sleeping. Kind of creepy, I suppose.


Chicken (with color)

For some reason, I’ve become fascinated with chickens.

Man in Hat (After Renoir)

The house in the background is the house across the street from mine. It’s not in the painting that I was copying.

Woman in Profile (After Renoir)

I did this one earlier today.

One thought on “From the Sketch Book

  1. Glad to see another person out there crossing over into some other media. Very nice sketches! Some remind me of David Hockney. Nice Renior study. I don’t feel so alone anymore as a writer/artist!

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