Rules I Never Thought I’d Need (via Tales from the Mom-Side)

As the publication of The Singular Exploits of Wonder Mom and Party Girl draws near, what better way to celebrate than to offer up some advice from real-world moms? Note: The heroine of my novel could definitely benefit from reading point #3 in this post…

When I pictured being a mom, I realized that it would be necessary to have rules of conduct for my child.  That being said, after over 6 years of being a mom, I have compiled a list of rules I never expected to need: Do not cut the screen out of its frame in the window.  (The need for this one arose when she was 6.) Do not put anything in your ear, including rocks, without consulting an adult first.  (Age 4.) Do not put anything in your nose, inc … Read More

via Tales from the Mom-Side