Making the Rounds

With the official release of Wonder Mom & Party Girl looming, I’ve been making the rounds of local superhero/parenting-themed events in my neighborhood–which, at last count, consisted entirely of my friend’s son’s fourth birthday. You can get the full story at An Attitude Adjustment under “When Superheroes Party,” but here’s the most relevant bit: “Guests started to disperse, but SuperWoman had one more mission to fulfill. She had to defeat SmartGuy, who was hanging out in her backyard and drinking beer. Since he fathered no children, he was able to sit back and enjoy himself. SuperWoman just didn’t think that was fair.”

And, thus:

SuperWoman defeats SmartGuy.

To set the record straight, I should note that I wasn’t just drinking beer at the party. I was drinking margaritas as well. I was also giving kids the kind of avuncular advice that strangers at parties always give, like, “Don’t worry about the ants on your birthday cake. They’re a good source of protein.”

On a completely different note, my review of Sarah Gardner Borden’s debut novel Games to Play After Dark just went up at New York Journal of Books.

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