Harness The Power of Pitying the Fool to Increase Your Blog Traffic!

The funny thing I’ve learned about blogging over the past few years is that the number of hits a post receives has nothing to do with the amount of thought or effort I’ve put into it. It actually hinges on random things like making references to pop culture icons like Mr. T and Steve Urkel. And if you include photos, then so much the better. For example:

This photo is guaranteed to bring traffic to your blog.

Speaking from experience, I’ve noticed that I get somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 hits a week from people Googling Mr. T, the A-Team, and B.A. Baracus, and about 50 or 60 hits a week from people Googling Steve Urkel and/or Family Matters — all because I mentioned them in passing.

As a side note, I can only imagine how many hits this post will get for mentioning Mr. T and Steve Urkel at the same time.

And for including this clip of the commercial for Urkel-Os cereal…

…and — while we’re on the subject — this one for Mr. T cereal:

So take a cue from the Quaker Oats companyand  team up with Mr. T (or Steve Urkel) every morning to increase traffic to your blog! And for even more traffic, don’t forget to mention Pee Wee Herman.

19 thoughts on “Harness The Power of Pitying the Fool to Increase Your Blog Traffic!

  1. Believe it or not, I ‘discovered’ your Blog (very happily) through alternate means. I shall have to apply your tip to my own blog. It will at least be fun to see how many tragic popular icons I can weave into my page.

  2. For real traffic boosts, you’ve got to mention porn, sex, lesbians, cougars, MILFs, celebrities, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Super Bowl, Obama, lottery, Nigerian prince, spam, scam, Kardashian and Christmas.

  3. Yes, dropping the f-bomb has paid off immensely for my stats, but, alas, I don’t think those visitors found what they were looking for. Oh well, at least I enjoyed myself, seeing 100+ hits those days.

  4. It amazes me what search terms toss people to my blog. Jewelry searches brings me 50 hits a week almost every week. I’ll have to try the Mr. T thing. 🙂

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