Thanks to Charles Holdefer!

Sending out special thanks today to Charles Holdefer for interviewing me on his website. I’ve been a big fan of his since I saw him speak at a writers’ retreat some years ago, and his novel The Contractor demonstrates, in the words of one particularly astute reviewer, “why the novel will always be a viable art form and why the small press is so important to keeping that art form alive.”  In the interview, we talk about the impetus behind writing The Grievers, my prep school experience, and my apparent fascination with costumed characters.

3 thoughts on “Thanks to Charles Holdefer!

  1. You’re right about the interest in celebrity gossip. I can’t stand looking at what passes for news on Yahoo. If I see another headline with “Snooki” in it, I’m going to do something violent.

  2. Wonderful interview!

    Gosh, yes..sometimes I try to imagine what it’s like to have grown up playing video games, being online, etc.

    Your comment that many people communicate through “snarky observations” is very important. How we connect with each other helps to define our humanity. So much of what people say (in all the current versions of “saying”) is mean-spirited, crude, and cruel — and insubstantial.

    Sounds like a must-read.

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