Shot of Fiction with Your Coffee?

I’ve been a fan of Kristen Solecki’s art ever since it started appearing in Philadelphia Stories magazine a few years back. In fact, I’m such a fan that I asked if I could use one of her pieces for the cover of To Befriend a Fox, a collection of poetry by the late Richard Pearce that I edited and published with PS Books in 2010. Little did I realize, however, that she was also working as the art director for a new publishing venture called the Sips Card.

According to Solecki, the Sips Card is basically “a business card with a QR code, that when scanned, will give customers a short story from an independent writer that will last as long as a cup of coffee.” In other words, if you’re fortunate enough to stop into a coffee shop that offers the card, you can scan the QR code with your iPhone or other “smart” device and download a free short story to enjoy along with the beverage you’ve purchased.

In addition to providing reading material for the masses, the Sips Card is also a potential market for writers who are trying to find an audience. According to the Sips Card submission guidelines, the editors are looking for short works of fiction (under 3,000 words). Their goal is to select three short stories by April, when the first Sips Cards will be shipped to participating venues.

If you’re interested in submitting your work (or if you run a coffee shop and would like to offer the card to your patrons!), drop by the Sips Card website for more information.

15 thoughts on “Shot of Fiction with Your Coffee?

  1. This sounds like a great idea! Nothing is worse than finding yourself with nothing to read but the back of someone else’s newspaper. Do you know if there will be any accommodation for comments from the reader? I may have to get my ancient brain in gear and learn how all these things work.

    • Yeah, sounds pretty cool. The only problem is that I don’t have a smartphone. I’m hoping the stories will also be available via old-fashioned web browsing.

  2. Hey Marc! I love the way you just bounce between genres here on your blog. From humor, to fiction, to news, you do it all well. I’d also like to give you a long overdue thank you for the Versatile Blogger award you gave me. I’m just a kid and I’m still learning how to write humor, so that award was really encouraging.

    – Charlie

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