A brief review of a wonderful new journal I just discovered.

Small Press Reviews

Two literary journals arrived in the mail last week.

One — which shall remain nameless — is pretty well known, includes work from some big names you’ve probably heard of, and includes some mildly snarky, clever, self-aware, and affected stories, poems, and essays. In short, it’s the kind of journal that all the hip kids publish in, but one that leaves me a little cold.

The other journal was The ConiumReview, and it’s everything the first journal isn’t. Though I did recognize one of the names (Howie Good), the rest were all completely new to me, and their work was spectacular. Indeed, paging through the journal was like stumbling upon a treasure trove of works by up and coming writers.

Admittedly, some of the works are  odd, albeit in an endearing way. In one piece of flash fiction, for example, a young man dreams of eating…

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  1. The stories sound somewhat dark and twisted . . . just the way I like them. I’ve bookmarked Conium’s website. On a similar note, I learned today of author Harry Crew (his obit was in the NY Times). His books are also populated by strange, lonely individuals. I’ll be checking some of those novels out, too.

    Hope you’re doing well, my good man!


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