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I was very pleased to provide some brief thoughts on writing The Grievers for the latest issue of Shelf Unbound magazine — and even more pleased by the kind words of editor Margaret Brown: “Schuster knows how to craft a sentence and a story, and with The Grievers he goes inside himself and his characters with new depth while deftly keeping his dark comedy at play.” The full article appears on page 42 of the magazine.

While you’re there, also check out the profile of Nicole Monaghan, editor of Stripped, on page 50. One of my stories appeared in that collection, too. But since the collection is anonymous, I can’t tell you whether one of the excerpts included in the profile is mine…

Click here to read the latest issue of Shelf Unbound.

2 thoughts on “Shelf Unbound Article

  1. Marc, it’s weird…suddenly I’ve become rather “invested” in your work, through the reading of your The Grievers, penning a review of it (to be made public on GoodReads in a week or two!) and following your “life of abominations.” Your book has GOT to do [extremely] well! You’ve got a sharp wit, an excellent way with the ladi–I mean WORDS–and a good head on your shoulders. Write on, man!

    Oh…and don’t forget us little peeps on your meteoric rise to the Pulitzer!

    • Thanks, Frank! I’m flattered. And I’m really looking forward to seeing your review on GoodReads. I really appreciate your kindness!

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