Thanks to Curt Smith & Prime Number!

Big thanks to Curt Smith for his glowing review of The Grievers in Prime Number: A Journal of Distinctive Poetry and Prose. The piece also includes an interview in which I opine on various topics including whether or not a heat gun is a power tool.


  1. Love the review, love the interview! I think it cool how many different perspectives can be applied to anything…like all the different “takes” on a single book. Everyone applying their own POV to, in this case, The Grievers. I find it fascinating. Once again, outstanding job, Marc–and great review and interview Curt Smith!

    1. I agree… It’s fun to see these different perspectives on the book. I suppose we all bring our own stories to the stories we read.

    1. Actually (and tragically), we did have to hang signs that read “Everything’s 33 Cents!” throughout the store. Of course, I was tempted to make my own signs that read, “Just take it.”

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