14 thoughts on “Monty Python on Novel Writing…

  1. And now for something completely different!

    I grew up watching these guys! One of my favorite shows of all time (and let’s not forget about Doug and Dinsdale Piranha: “Doug was born in February 1929 and Dinsdale two weeks later; and again a week after that.”)!

    Thanks, Marc–great way to start the day–competitive writing AND a smile!

  2. This cracks me up everytime I hear it. Then again, Monty Python always puts me in hysterics. I highly recommend the “RAF Banter” skit if you’ve never seen it before . . .

  3. Thanks for the like on my recent post. It was quite a struggle getting it out, and your support is always appreciated. I love the sketches posted here too. I could use some humor in my life these days.

    My favorite though is the “argument sketch.”

    Thanks for stopping by…..John H.

    • Thanks for the video! The argument sketch is easily one of my favorites, too. So much great stuff from Monty Python. And on the topic of your recent blog post, I sympathize with your point about chaos. One of the challenges of being a writer, I’ve always found, is to divine a sense of order from the chaos of life — to find a single thread amidst the crush of a life’s details and untangle it, and then to reshape that thread into something new that readers will enjoy.

  4. Love it! I don’t think writer’s will ever get the kind of attention Derby horses and athletes are given. LOL. But what a thing imagine. 🙂

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