If You Have Ten Minutes To Kill…

If you have ten minutes to kill, here’s a podcast I recorded with my friends Monica and Tim. The series is currently titled And/Or, but I’m using the word “series” loosely. So far, it’s taken us about six months to record two episodes. In this one, we discuss various social networking platforms as they pertain to the internet in general. Or something like that. In case you’re trying to keep track, Monica is the one who asks all the questions, Tim is the one who sounds like he knows what he’s talking about, and I’m the one who says things like “Wow!” and “Really?” throughout the proceedings.

24 thoughts on “If You Have Ten Minutes To Kill…

  1. Well, that was interesting! I recently attended a writers conference (PPWC: http://www.pikespeakwriters.com/html/ppwc.html), where there was also some interesting talk about social media. Take aways were that 1) there’s still confusion about DOCUMENTED usefulness of Facebook, et cet, and 2) Writers don’t need to READ everything, because, as was stated by Tim, I think, we CREATE content. There was one PPWC writer who gave a good way to use this stuff and keep productive (Bree Ervin, http://thinkbannedthoughts.wordpress.com/ – great blogger!): post YOUR material then split. At the end of your day, when and if you have time, scan through and read what interests you, FOR A COUPLE MINUTES. Like a newspaper, as was also said. I thought, great advice! Like Monica says, who has the time? I certainly don’t…but the point of this stuff seems to unanimously be to GET READERS (and/or just meet new peeps…). If all these readers have so much time surfing and texting and Googlin, what else are they realistically doing with their time? There’s only so many seconds in a day, and there’s nothing wrong that! They’re READERS and that’s who we’re after…so, while they’re reading and surfing for us, we’re writing and fishinig for them! There’re still conflicting thoughts on the whole social media issues, with those like The Red Pen Of Doom (one of the best blog post on this subject, I’ve found: http://redpenofdoom.com/2011/11/13/forget-the-twitter-free-ink-and-airtime-are-your-most-dangerous-weapons/ – this guy’s a kick!) saying none of this really works at all for writers, only massive media (interviews, print reviews, radio and TV ads–“earned media”) works, but I’m a little bit of both: it’s all word of mouth, IMHO. Great post, folks! Was fun hearing you all interact…but on what were you munchin? ;-]

    • Thanks for the thoughtful comments! I’m a big Red Pen of Doom fan, but I hadn’t heard of Think Banned Thoughts. I’ll have to subscribe to that one! I believe the snack of choice that day was Doritos, though I must admit that I didn’t partake. I did, however, edit out the part in which Monica and Tim vie for the last Dorito in the bag. I’ll save that one for the outtakes reel.

    • Good observation! Though I think the relevance of my comments to the conversation was just coincidental at that point.

  2. I was thinking about Facebook vs. Twitter vs. Pinterest a great deal last week and the three platforms that I use and how I use them. And it turns out that I was a great deal more specific than I thought.

    Twitter is my brain in 140 characters. If you want to know how my mind functions, it probably gives you a good view. There are a lot of squirrels involved.

    Facebook is the most superficial of the three platforms. You might have a good glimpse at my politics or how I feel about kittens, sloths in jammies, and horse rescue, but you will never actually know *me* by reading my feed. What I have noticed about Facebook is it seems *very* much tied to ego and the ego of others and the need for ego boosting. But maybe that’s because I follow local comedians…

    Pinterest will give you a glimpse of my interests, that is true. But it goes much deeper than that. It has become, really, the flashcards of my soul, my desires, my dreams. It is the most honest. It is the most open. If you want to know who I am, it is there to see. And it’s not about the things. The things are there to tell a story.

    The three probably also fit nicely with Freud’s id, ego, and super-ego but that might be getting silly.

    • Hmm… I think you’re onto something with the id, ego, and super-ego parallel. Is Pinterest the id?

    • Hopefully we’ll get a chance to record episodes a little more frequently once we get the hang of it!

  3. I like that Monica was eating during the podcast. I hope it was cake based. Monica, don’t feel bad – you are cooler than you think. Hipsters are soooo last week.

  4. Needs video. Good stuff but it’s tough to sit and listen with type in front of my face and not be reading at the same time, which distracts me from the conversation. The conversation is too deep to be background noise like most music; but the highlights do pop out. The one that caught me was the one about kids not surfing the Internet. I think of Facebook as the Internet too and see a lot of people on it; but personal use does seem to be dwindling. It seems like it is more commercial now. If you like something, you get bombarded with adds shortly thereafter. And texting is huge.

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