How to Write a Log Line

Very helpful information from Ramona DeFelice Long.

Ramona DeFelice Long

RamonaGravitarWhat is a LOG LINE?

A  log line is a one sentence description that gives an appealing and succinct summary of your story.  Think of the blurbs in TV Guide or Publisher’s Lunch.

A log line is meant to share the story basics but also to provide an emotional hook.

An easy formula for a log line for fiction is this:

Name of story is a word count + genre about a main character who must Story Question before consequences if Story Question is not solved.

For non-fiction, try this:

Name of story is a word count +genre that verb such as explores, uncovers, explains, investigates the subject of book.

Because a log line is so short, each word is important and should perform multiple tasks. Let’s take a look at a sample log line:

“BAD SALE is a 94,000 word thriller about a farmer whose life…

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