Apparently I’m not the only author with Grievers on the brain. Unbeknownst to me–at least while I was writing The Grievers–fantasy author James Dashner was creating his own Grievers, a race of slug-like creatures with metal appendages that appear in his 2009 novel The Maze Runner. In order to spare readers any confusion that might result from this coincidence, I’ve prepared a handy chart:

Artist’s rendering of Dashner’s Griever:
The Griever by ~Gubblyn on deviantART

Artist’s Rendering of Schuster’s Griever:

Artist's rendering of Schuster's Griever


  • Both Grievers are green. This can be very confusing, especially at night.
  • Both have a tendency to wander. However, while one Griever wanders through a literal maze, the other wanders back and forth on a lawn in front of a bank and through a metaphorical maze of existential angst.

Also keep in mind that if the Griever in question meets the following criteria, you are likely reading Dashner’s book:

  • It’s in a book that other people (beside yourself) are reading, have read, or might conceivably read.
  • It’s in a book that’s being made into a movie.
  • It has metallic appendages.

But if the Griever in question meets these criteria, you are likely reading my book:

  • It’s in a book that a select audience consisting only of yourself is reading.
  • It’s struggling to complete a doctoral dissertation.
  • It’s lying in mud.
  • It’s holding a balloon.
  • Small children are kicking it with their soccer cleats.

I hope this clears up any confusion.