Big thanks to Doug Gordon for hosting me this Saturday at the Muse House… And big thanks, too, for the interview he did with me and Liz Moore, author of Heft!


The May 19 installment of All But True: The Musehouse Fiction Series will feature two excellent writers who have both just issued their second novels. In today’s literary market, a second novel is often harder to publish than a first, unless the first happens to have sold a million copies. But these two authors, Liz Moore and Marc Schuster, are talented enough to skip past that potential roadblock. Liz’s new novel is called Heft (W. W. Norton); Marc’s is The Grievers (The Permanent Press). In advance of the Musehouse reading, Liz and Marc graciously agreed to do a brief email interview with Doug Gordon, the host of the series.

Doug: Although these two novels are very different in tone, I’m seeing lots of similarities. For instance, both focus on self-destructive misfits. In Heft, sad Arthur Opp gorges himself until he weighs between 500 and 600 pounds and can…

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