Small Press Reviews

The books keep piling up! I wish I could give all of them the time and attention they deserve. In the meantime, here’s a rundown of some recent small press titles:

Kergan Edwards-Stout’s Songs for the New Depression follows the adventures of Gabriel Travers, a young man battling AIDS. Despite his doctor’s proclamations to the contrary and rumors of a promising new HIV drug cocktail, Gabriel is convinced he doesn’t have long to live.  With the clock ticking, Gabe begins to finally peel back the layers and tackle his demons — with a little help from the music of the Divine Miss M (Bette Midler) and his mom’s new wife, a country music-loving priest. The Advocate writes that “Kergan Edwards-Stout has crafted a work of fiction reminiscent of some classic tales in Songs for the New Depression.  Even better, Edwards-Stout’s debut boasts the kind of dark humor that made…

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