Through the Trees

As you may recall, I’m the sole member of an imaginary electronic band called Android Invasion. Also worth noting is the fact that my wife went away for the weekend, leaving me no other option than to get the band together to record a new track. It’s called “Through the Trees,” and it’s a cappella, which means I recorded it in the nude. Or is that au naturel? In any case, everything you hear on this track is my voice, though I did run it through some gizmos and gadgets to make it sound like it does.

17 thoughts on “Through the Trees

    • Thanks… Glad you like it! I recorded the track in Garage Band, then I exported it to iTunes. In iTunes, I used the visualizer to create the image, and I used Quicktime’s screen recording function to record it. I mixed audio and video in iMovie.

    • The only thing I can think of that would keep it from working is that massive demand for the video caused YouTube to crash… Either that, or a technical glitch. I’ll look into it.

      • I’ll go with a huge demand for your video! :-]

        Thanks–don’t dig too deep–it might heavy system updates–which has interrupted me before. I check later in the day….

  1. Cool! If I was to name it, I would name it Genesis – because it reminds me of the big bang and beginning of it all (don’t know why)

  2. Thank you for the music! Sounds fun 🙂 A friend of mine made a video installation a couple of weeks ago and rashly asked me to do some music, so I’ve been diving into Garageband too, with my tenor sax. It’s been a hoot – although maybe that’s what my stuff sounds like …

  3. omg! my husband is a major music head and writes music, too. he mostly uses reason and cubase and plays guitar – no singing! he’s not allowed, although he does do a lot of walking around the house a cappella, which is what we’re going to call it from now on.

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