29 thoughts on “Painting – 3 January 2013

      • Wow! Good for you. I suppose painting is like writing. Once you’re into it, you just keep going. I can’t imagine how long that painting would have taken me.

  1. This is really nice! I love your reds here. I’m working on getting back into both drawing and painting, too, so it was really nice to see someone else’s work who is doing the same thing. I haven’t done any for 3-4 weeks, and your new painting is inspiring me to get out my things immediately!

  2. Nice work! I see you paint in acrylics too. I’ve been doing a little bit myself lately, as I entered the Linden postcard show (open to pieces 30 x 30cm and smaller), which has been a good kick in the pants to actually get out the brushes. I find it very relaxing – must be something to do with the non-verbal brain. Do you find that too?

    • I think you’re right about the non-verbal brain. When I need to get away from writing but still want to express myself, painting gives me the perfect outlet. I also think there’s less pressure with painting since I’m not trying to do it professionally, as opposed to writing. With writing, I have a much stronger internal editor that always lets me know when something isn’t working. With painting, I just see where it takes me.

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