8 thoughts on “And some days…

  1. I love pigs! When I was a kid I had a black and white pig named Sandy (sad story). You made me think of a poem I used to read over and over from a second grade book. It was about a pig who dreamed of having glass wings so he could fly. He would cry in his pen, until one day, his tears made him crystal wings. Every time i read the poem, I would cry, but came back to it over and over.

  2. And what’s not to LIKE, I ask? They’re cute, intelligent, and cuddly! Okay, they all look a little badass (been working out?).

    I used to raise pigs when I was growing up. I always liked them. They were funny and playful, and made the cutest little noises.

    Oh, and they taste real good, too.

    • I’ve known a few people who have raised pigs, and they’ve always had great things to say about them. My grandmother, for instance, always insisted that pigs were very clean animals, despite their reputation.

      • They are, indeed. And frequently we discoursed on the nature of reality and of exactly WHY they were in our pen, up back….

        But, seriously, yes, they are great animals. Of all the animals we raised (chickens, pigs, turkeys, one horse, and one rabbit), I’d have to say they’re my favorite (bunnies are cute, but every time you turn around there’s another beside it…). Too bad they taste so good, but then again, cannibals [have] exist[ed], too….

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