Big thanks to H. Conrad Miller for inviting me to write a guest post on his blog, A Side of Writing, today!

A Side Of Writing

I think a lot about order and chaos and our relationship to both and how the world in my mind is not the world in your mind and never will be no matter how hard we try. To express ourselves, to listen, to understand each other. We’re born into a world that makes no real sense initially, at least not to us, because all we know is that it’s colder than it was in the warm wet place we just were, glaringly bright by comparison, and filled with loud, horrible noises. Then we’re tired and hungry and sitting in a sack of our own shit, but we can’t make any sense of this yet because we don’t have language, and by the time we do get the words we need to make sense of it all, these horrible things are so far behind us and replaced with so many more…

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  1. Wow, well-written, Marc!

    I’m going to go find a dark, wet, closet to fetal-out in, now. Should be okay come Friday afternoon. Don’t mind the smell….

  2. The search for common ground never ends, does it? At least writers have the courage to speak their minds and hope that someone is listening and understands. Nice post.

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