Mr. Sin

Since a couple of my favorite artists — namely David Bowie and Depeche Mode — have new music coming out this month, I thought it might be fun to get my imaginary electronic band, Android Invasion, back together for another recording. Their first studio outing since last year’s “Through the Trees” finds the band moving in a more traditional blues/rock direction with a guitar-centered track titled “Mr. Sin.” I actually wrote the song in 1994 or thereabouts, and it was inspired by a character in an episode of Doctor Who titled “The Talons of Weng Chiang.” In the episode, Mr. Sin is a diminutive 51st century cyborg with the brain of a pig who goes on a murder spree in 19th century London. To make money on the side, he also works as a ventriloquist’s dummy. Through an odd twist of fate, I managed to hire him for some session work on this track. (He plays drums and percussion.)

10 thoughts on “Mr. Sin

  1. Hmmm, there’s a definite pork-infused theme to you work of the past week or so….

    Great tune and love the title! Creepy tune….

    So, given the trend, can we expect a “Mr. Bacon” companion track? I expect it to be just as crisp, sizzlin’, and tasty as “Mr. Sin”!

    Dang it…hungry again…:-]

  2. So far, I’ve loved all the tracks I’ve listened to here, my taste. I heard a hint of cherokee on this one. Have you ever thought about making a cd to include all of them? Most of them have that steampunk and futuristic vibe and I think it would be great to have them all together.

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