Feeling Blue

I had a little bit of time and some blue paint on my hands,* so I painted these today:

Sea Spray (14" x 11" - acrylic on paper)

Sea Spray (14″ x 11″ – acrylic on paper)

Mr. Blue Sky

Mr. Blue Sky (20″ x 16″ – acrylic on canvas)

Kind of Blue (9" x 12" - acrylic on paper)

Kind of Blue (9″ x 12″ – acrylic on paper)

*Literally, by the time I was done!

19 thoughts on “Feeling Blue

  1. The first one is my favorite and it reminds me of the style of Van Gogh on his paintings Starry Night and Cafe Terrace at Night.

  2. Yes, I see Starry Nights in the first, blue skies in the second, and the third reminds me of a cloudy Earth as seen from space.

    Yes, you really should enter some shows! Excellent work, Marc! :-]

  3. I love them all! I see peacock feathers in the first one. The second, Mr. Blue Sky, is my favorite. I feel like I’m laying on the grass looking up at the sky. 🙂

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