Make Things Happen: Writing Tips from an Eight-Year-Old

In the latest episode of my podcast, a misunderstanding leads me to interview an award-winning eight-year-old author and her younger sister. Later, their father reveals how his own childhood trauma has informed their creativity. The younger sister then rounds things off by explaining how to make pot holders. The episode ends with a musical remix of the interview titled “Over Under (It’s Kinda Weird).”

5 thoughts on “Make Things Happen: Writing Tips from an Eight-Year-Old

  1. That was AMAZING! Where do I even start? LOVE that remix at the end. Cannot believe those kids are 8 and 6 years old. I think they traded brains with a couple of 40 year olds. Even the younger one writes good stories, but the older one is something else. What imaginations! And great ideas. I hope she sends you the other 2 stories when they’re done. I’d like to read them. Great interview you did. I think she was sort of hankering to take over your job, though. Maybe this is how Barbara Walters started 🙂

    • Thanks! I loved their responses, too, and I thought it was really cool when the older sister took over the interview. Maybe you’re right… This could be the beginning of a career in broadcasting!

  2. Ok, that was an incredible interview! Those were a couple of “old souls”! Were the parents Ph.Ds? Academicians? And they had incredible comedic timing! Yeah, I think they were gunnin’ for your job, Marc! ;-]

    I, too, had an experience with a sharpened no.2: when my siblings and I were kids, my youngest brother jabbed a pencil into the my right calf. I was wearing jeans at the time, and actually remember that thing sticking out of my leg like an arrow. Don’t recall if he actually broke my skin or not (i do remember a lead stain on my leg at the point of contact), but, the lead never remained embedded in my calf, if it did break the skin, but actually got stuck in the jeans. He was very angry, is all I remember. I also probably deserved it. :-]

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