4 thoughts on “Going Around the Rocks: An Interview with FP Dorchak

  1. Hey, I know that tune (see my website)!

    Sorry about that sound quality, but I think it lended a certain, howyousay, “Je ne sais quoi,” n’est-ce pas?

    Had a great time, and thanks for your kind words! “Abominations” is also one of my favorite reads…and, uh, now, an earful? ;-]

    • Oui! Je ne sais quoi… I also think it gives your responses an other-wordly quality, as if we’re communicating across different dimensional planes!

      • Ha! I am so glad you picked up on that! I was going to somehow incorp that, but the electrician showed up at the house, my thought process got short-circuited, and I ended up going in the other direction instead. Bravo, Dr. Schuster! Like minds! :-]

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