Is Nothing Sacred?

My short essay on religion and postmodernism, titled “Is Nothing Sacred?,” is now up at The First Day. Here’s an excerpt:

Because we live in a world where so many different cultures live side-by-side, we’ve been forced to realize that we all use different stories, for lack of a better word, to make sense of the world and that, really, none of those stories is any better than the others at doing the job. Moreover, the very fact that we live in a world with multiple civilizations, each with its own set of myths and assumptions with respect to what’s “good,” “normal,” and “beautiful” means that we can no longer discuss these terms without placing them in quotation marks to indicate that their definitions depend on context.

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4 thoughts on “Is Nothing Sacred?

  1. Loosing externally mandates of what is sacred does not remove “sacred” from our lives, but just changes the origin of what we consider sacred and unchanging. Sacred is no longer something we are told, but something we discover. Nice point.

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