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      • We’ll be in Montreal for a few days, then we’ll spend a few days in Quebec City. Any recommendations? It’s our first visit.

      • We’re staying in downtown Montreal — close to the intersection of St. Denis Street and Ontario Street.

      • You’re in an interesting area. There’s lots of good wandering to do there and I’m sure you’ll find some interesting boutiques, galleries and places to eat. Here’s some more to keep you busy:

        One of my favourite restaurants is on St. Denis. It’s a bistro, called L’Express. I hope it’s still there and still good. Reservations are a must — as far in advance as possible.

        The Plateau is a cool neighbourhood. It’s right around the mountain that’s in the city. Don’t think Alps when I say mountain. Anyway, lots of restaurants, boutiques, galleries, etc. It’s sort of like Brooklyn. Lots of young creative types live there.

        If you want to spend as much money on a meal as you would on a down payment for a home, try Milos on Park Avenue (in the Plateau). Best Greek food you’ll have anywhere, including Greece. Reservations are a must. So is their grilled fish.

        In fact, reservations are usually a must everywhere they accept them. Where they don’t, be prepared to wait.

        C’est la vie en Montreal.

        Still in the ‘hood, in both the Fairmount Street area and also around and probably on St. Lawrence Blvd. there are relatively reasonably-priced restaurants where you can bring your own wine. Worth checking them out. A lot of them are Greek, but not all. And in Montreal you can buy wine in convenience stores. Not as good as what you’d find in the liquor store, but hey, it’s convenient.

        If you’re there on Sunday, Beauty’s is a Montreal landmark. It’s sort of a diner everyone goes to for breakfast. It’s famous.

        If you have time you should definitely check out the Montreal Museum of Fine Art. They usually have terrific exhibits. If you go, you’ll be on Sherbrooke Street.

        Walking along Sherbrooke — from Peel to Guy — is a nice walk. Lots of gorgeous old apartment buildings, ritzy hotels, galleries, etc.

        In fact, Mordechai Richler lived in Le Chateau — a beautiful apartment building on the north side of Sherbrooke, and Mountain Street. And right across the street is what used to be the Ritz Carleton. It’s just been re-furbished and I think it’s a condo now.

        They used to have a restaurant in the back yard — The Ritz Garden — that was beyond charming. It came complete with a pond filled with ducks. I think they left that. Mordechai used to hang out in the bar there. Saw him myself, many times.

        You said you’d only be there a few days, so I’m not going to load you down with more. You’ll find some things on your own anyway. More fun that way.

        Montreal is a beautiful city. Gorgeous old buildings, lovingly restored and cared for, juxtaposed with modern, architecturally-adventurous ones. And it’s glorious in summer. Lots of outdoor terraces for eating, drinking or just coffee.

        For fast food fixes, you can’t go wrong with Moroccan or anything middle eastern. They’re drawn to Quebec because of the French. Although honestly, I don’t think it’s possible to have bad food there.

        And you will LOVE Quebec City. It is magical.

        Bon voyage! Let me know how you enjoyed your trip. Travel safe.

      • Thanks, Fransi! This information is very helpful — and makes me more excited to visit Canada. Sherbrooke is right around the corner from our hotel, so I’m looking forward to a nice walk or two. I love Moroccan food, so that’s a big plus as well. I’ll be sure to blog about our trip as soon as I get home!

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