My Birthday/Hitchbot/True Detective

Today is my birthday. Here’s what I want: A promise from Nick Pizzolatto to make up for the disappointing second season of True Detective by setting season three in Philadelphia and dedicating it to figuring out who killed Hitchbot. The twist? Hitchbot saw something he shouldn’t have, and some combination of the Philly PD, the FBI, and, I don’t know, the CIA needs to figure out what he saw… Honestly, though, I’m so disappointed that my hometown is where Hitchbot met his demise. And the guy who did it was caught on tape wearing an Eagles jersey. It’s enough to make a guy root for the Giants.

How I feel right now…

4 thoughts on “My Birthday/Hitchbot/True Detective

  1. Hi, Marc! I hope your birthday was happy!

    These are WONDERFUL wishes. True Detective didn’t thrill me this time. It felt — stuck — like we were mid-way up the first hill of a rollercoaster and slowed down to nothing. Philadelphia sounds like a promising venue. Love that story idea!
    Poor Hitchbot. When I heard the news the first thing I thought was, “Leave it to us!” Sad. I guess you know that someone made a Popebot. I don’t know what happened to him. Maybe he fared better?

    By the way, this is Robin King, a.k.a. “Robpixaday” (WordPress — I followed you when I used that account, really enjoyed your posts.

    I went off to Twitter, tumblr, Instagram, and another account here (to set up an artist portfolio site) but all that social media was waaaaaay too much. Overwhelming for this introvert! I ditched them all and ended up as the SingingTuna. If you have time I hope you’ll stop by.

    I’m following you again. Yay!!! 🙂

    • Thanks, Robin! I know what you mean about the overwhelming nature of social networking. I’ll go check out your new blog right now!

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