David Byrne Agrees with Me!

Yesterday I wrote a long-ish post about Philip K. Dick’s The Man in The High Castle and how it examines the ways in which context determines our sense of reality. Coincidentally, I heard a piece on the radio this morning about how David Byrne (yet another of my musical heroes, whose How Music Works is an amazing book) has recently developed an immersive theater experience called The Institute Presents: Neurosociety! that does something very similar to what Dick is doing in The Man in the High Castle. If you’re curious, here’s the piece I heard:

3 thoughts on “David Byrne Agrees with Me!

  1. I would not call our decision-making capabilities faulty in the least…but the lives we’ve set up for ourselves…the WARS…have caused situations that don’t allow for love and kindness. It is the military’s jobs to fight wars…to kill when called upon…and you can bet that those [drone] pilots have already been put through those scenarios, or they wouldn’t be there. They have to do a job, and that job is to stop enemy combatants. I don’t have their training, but I am ex-military, and I know the military mindset. Yes, collateral damage is supposed to be minimized, but at what expense to the mission? To the threat? I’m not saying their decisions are the right ones, but wars will continue until everyone on both sides drops their violent MINDSETS and their weaponry. And not just the military…civilians. So,this is good…getting people to really take a hard look at HOW THEY THINK. More power to orgs like this!

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