MCCC on the Air Interview

Huge thanks to Michele Cuomo for interviewing me on Montgomery County Community College on the Air! In this interview, I talk about music, teaching, writing, the Beatles’ White Album, my new book about the Beach Boys, and my good friend Tom Powers. I also share a demo of asong I’ve been working on, “Someday Soon.”

Listen to the interview here: MCCC on the Air Interview


4 thoughts on “MCCC on the Air Interview

  1. As always, great interview, Marc!

    Curiously, I’m beginning to find myself in the same place you did when you “left” writing. I’m feeling not-so-motivated as I used to be. It may be that after some 51 years of writing and pushing and writing and pushing and NOT having gained the readership and publishing success I’ve long sought, I’m also burned out. Have developed a kind of “really don’t care” attitude. Not even really interested in doing the gigs anymore, either. I mean, I’ve done my due diligence, put in a crap-load of effort and energy at the expense of many things that at this point in my life I’m kinda: Really? This is my end result? I love the stories I’ve put out, but I just don’t have the drive I used to. Am tired of the games and positioning and give-me-a-reason-to-NOT-read-you and stupid elevator pitches. I still want to write, have even started a new novel, but just lack that burning drive I used to have. I feel like I’m quite in a “transitory place,” right now, and learning how to deal with this new energy and direction in my life. I may just be temporarily burnt out…but I’m gonna just ride that wave and see where it goes. Enjoy life more, rather than hole up in room writing words that go nowhere….

    BTW, love your music! I’ve listened to several individual tunes of your from Android Invasion, but recently listened to the entire album and loved it! Sorry, but I’d forgotten I had the album. :-\ And, of course, love your new one “Never Talk Back” and your dystopian “Please Hold” ensemble! Keep doing what you love and enjoying your ride, Marc! And don’t worry about the minutiae as you mentioned in your interview! Just do what you love….

    • Thanks, Frank! The important thing, as you suggest, is to always find that new energy and go with it. Go where the energy is — and abandon anything that takes you away from what matters.

    • Thanks! It’s always interesting to talk to someone face-to-face as I did for that interview. No time to edit and revise my responses, so it’s as close to the unvarnished truth as I can get!

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