Polly the Glot

A while back, I mentioned that when I was in grade school, I always looked forward to reading Doctor Who Magazine. One of the coolest things about that magazine was the comic strip version of the Doctor’s adventures. As much as I loved the TV show, it had fallen on somewhat hard times by the mid-80’s in terms of production value and writing. But since the comic strip wasn’t beholden to budgetary considerations, it could go anywhere and do anything. So the Doctor got a shape-shifting alien named Frobisher (who usually took the form of a talking penguin) as a companion and his adventures took him to increasingly phantasmagorical settings.

Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 10.03.52 AMOne of my favorite stories from this series was “Once Upon a Time Lord,” which included a pair of frames captioned “Frobisher eats a worm” and “Frobisher wishes he hadn’t.” But it was another story titled “Polly the Glot,” in which the Doctor and Frobisher team up with their friend Ivan Asimoff to free a giant space-faring creature named Polly. The track I recorded, also titled “Polly the Glot,” is an instrumental that’s meant to sound like a giant squid or jellyfish floating through space. I particularly like the electric piano break in the middle.

7 thoughts on “Polly the Glot

  1. As always, nice work!

    I only regularly watched Dr. Who during Tom Baker’s reign. I’ve seen parts of other shows since, but still prefer Tom’s Doctor best….

  2. One of my favorite cheesy movies is The Blob (the old version), and I can picture this track playing when they were all meeting in front of the theater.

    • Yes, definitely! I live pretty close to the theater where part of the movie was filmed. They hold an annual BlobFest there. My sister has gone, but I haven’t made it yet.

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