Thanks to Curtis Smith and JMWW for running this interview regarding my latest book!


Back in the aughts, Marc Schuster started Small Press Reviews and published several books with a number of independent presses including PS Books, the Permanent Press, and McFarland. More recently, he’s been recording music under the name Zapatero and laying the groundwork for a new project he’s calling Plush Gordon.  

Citing burnout, he renounced writing altogether but published Tired of California: The Beach Boys’ Holland Revisited a few months later. This latest book chronicles the recording of a lesser-known Beach Boys album that, the author contends, deserves at least some of the spotlight usually afforded the band’s better-known works like Pet Sounds and Smile.

 Curtis Smith: Let me be honest—I’ve never been a Beach Boys fan. And while I admired Pet Sounds and Smile, I never really enjoyed them. So what am I not seeing/understanding?

Marc Schuster: It’s really just a matter of taste, and for a…

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  1. Very interesting Marc – I’ve not heard Holland – now I have to go and have a listen! Good luck with your new band! Looking forward to hearing the songs! Laini xx

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