I love interviewing indie musicians on this blog, but I’m always wondering what my previous guests are up to. Here’s what a handful of them had to say when I dropped them a line to find out…

Saves the Witch: We recently decided to turn all profits from merch to benefit Ukraine.

The Smashing Times: We’ve been busy gearing up for the CA tour and we have a couple gigs coming up in the area. Between that and getting the LP ready we are pretty much living the dream. Not too much has changed since we last spoke, we are just putting those things into action. Zelda and I recorded some tracks last summer and I am considering releasing that. I also need to master the Midden Heap EP so we can have those cassettes when we get to the sunshine state. Everyone who has helped us out so far has been sooo amazing! Shout out to Brenden from Semitrucks and Britta and Stanley from Children Maybe Later. See you soon!

Megazillion: I just finished Megazillion’s debut album “Triple Phoenix” which now needs to be mastered. I spent a year and a half making it with the Secret Weapon on drums. Very excited!! You can expect a mix of rock, shoegaze, punk, doom, post punk, even a little electro. Hoping for a late spring release!   I will be making a few music videos for it as well. Not long after that I will be releasing an EP of acoustic guitar based ambient music. Very pretty, hypnotic and chill. Then a remix EP of my song “The Sea and We.”

Also, I am starting a series called “Low-fi High” which is going to be releases of experimental music I used to make with my old 4-track. I never really put any of it out besides one release and it’s a huge archive. Also, we will start tracking the follow up full length album with the more “song” related material ASAP, the drummer and I have about seven tunes we already play, plus a bunch of songs that need to have the layout finished and I got some beats that need vocals, might end up being enough for two albums. Find me on Twitter, IG, Bandcamp and YouTube! I have a bunch of videos and singles already available from 2020! Please check it out!

Eric Linden: I’ve got a new song called “All and Everything.” It’s a song about that thrilling feeling of finally having a breakthrough after years of searching. This is a really personal song for me. It was inspired by my wife, Jenner. I overheard her talking to her sister on the phone and she was so excited that her business was starting to take off that she could hardly get the words out. She told her sister “It’s all… It’s everything I’ve been working for all these years.” About two hours later I brought my acoustic guitar upstairs and played her this song. I could hardly get through it I was so emotional. I was so happy for her time to shine.

Jeff Willet of Table for 26: I’ve been busy planning for the next Table for 26 release! We’re recording (and filming) nine cover songs this time with an even larger string section, so it’s a huge endeavor but we’re already seeing some great results! I’m also anxiously awaiting the late-April release of a film by filmmaker John Welsh (Rare Light Media) that I scored, wrapping up the recording of drums and percussion for a video game, as well as continuing to make great progress mixing my own solo album!

Photo courtesy of The Smashing Times.

One thought on “Catching Up…

  1. It’s really hard keeping up with new music. It also can be a tough proposition if you love the ’60s and ’70s and view it through that lens.

    I had pretty much given up on contemporary music until about two years ago when I started a weekly new music feature. While I can’t deny my picks have been influenced by my longtime preferences, it’s been really gratifying so see there’s still lots of great new music out there, if you’re willing to look for it.

    I’m not familiar with any of the artists (yet) you highlighted here. Based on initial impressions, Eric Linden’s jangly sound looks like it’s right up my alley. “All and Everything” is a great tune. I’m also intrigued by The Smashing Times and Table for 26.

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