The #Tweetcore Radio Hour, Episode 3

In this episode of The #Tweetcore Radio Hour, I play tunes by The LaLaLettes, Fuzzruckus, Unlucky Mammals, Bottlecap Mountain, The Star Crumbles, The Kintners, Voodoo Planet, Spaghetti Eastern Music, Snap Infraction, and Quizboy! I also chat with Brian Lambert about the healing power of music and the distinction he sees between underground and indie music. Give it a listen!

8 thoughts on “The #Tweetcore Radio Hour, Episode 3

  1. A brilliant episode. Fantasticly put together, fabulous descriptions of the tunes, the music of choice was stunning. Excellently presented.

      • Listened to this on my afternoon walk, and another terrific show. Now you can add deejay/radio host to your impressive resume Marc, which makes you an even greater Renaissance man than ever! You played lots of great tunes, and I particularly liked the ones by Unlucky Mammals, Bottlecap Mountain and Spaghetti Eastern Music. And of course, always good hearing a bit the The Star Crumbles!

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