#Tweetcore Radio Hour, Episode 11

Catching up on my #Tweetcore Radio Hour posts! The latest episode features music from Snap Infraction, Rusty Shipp, Unlucky Mammals, BEES!, JC Miller. Chvrli Blvck, the Wyse, Fine, Grant & Company, Teledeath, and Bill Fever! Also featuring a chat with Brian Lambert about progress on the new Star Crumbles album.

4 thoughts on “#Tweetcore Radio Hour, Episode 11

  1. Kudos for finding all these artists! As you know, I’m trying to keep up with new music as well, including independent artists – admittedly, mostly through my ’60s and ’70s lens.

    Due to time constraints, my discovery process relies on shortcuts. It’s safe to assume this means I’m missing a good deal of music I dig. For example, that Snap Infraction track you included grabbed me right away! Your process seems to be much more elaborate.

    Also, nice to hear you’re working on a new Star Crumbles album. For what it’s worth, I enjoyed your debut, especially “Desperately Wanting”, and included that tune in my 2022 year-end favorite new song post and playlist (to be clear, not fishing for compliments here).

    Keep up the great work! 🙂

    • Thanks, Christian! I agree about Snap Infraction… They have a great sound that calls to mind the Beatles but also manages to be contemporary at the same time.

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