Rabbit, Run

I saved two baby rabbits today. I was driving through the parking lot of the local shopping center when I saw a tiny (tiny!) baby rabbit crawling across the road in front of me. So I let it cross the road, then parked, emptied out one of my grocery bags, and scooped the rabbit up with it.

There are several backyards that back up to the parking lot, so I carried the bag over to one of them and let the rabbit out and told it to scoot under the fence. But on my way there, I spotted another baby rabbit, so I went back and scooped that one up in the bag as well — and took it to the same fence and, once again, told it to scoot under.

Both of the rabbits listened to me, because that’s kind of effect I have on small animals. Hopefully, they’ll stay in the yard and keep out of the parking lot. And, sure, they’ll probably eat someone’s lettuce, assuming the backyard has a garden. And, yes, they’ll have to watch out for dogs and cats and any other animals that might be lurking around in the yard. But it sure beats the alternative.

That parking lot can get ugly!

And, hey, there’s only so much one guy can do.

Just call me St. Franics of Havertown.