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Mr Xquisite: doppelgangerous

Here's the EP I recorded with my friend Shaun Haurin under the name Mr Xquisite. Shaun wrote most of the lyrics (except on "Fuzzy Logic"), and I wrote the music. Shaun sings on "Stunt Double" and "Monozygotic." I sing on... Continue Reading →

My Other Car…

Designed a bumper sticker for fans of all things literal and obvious...

Outside the Bachs

Here's a movie I made for my music class. I call it "Outside the Bachs." It's a pun on the fact that the movie is essentially someone opening a box and the music consists of two pieces by Bach that... Continue Reading →

The Furtherance of Good


Zutroy, the Sad Penguin

I'm trying to get more students to drop by during my office hours for help with coursework. Here's what I came up with...

En Plen Air

It was a beautiful day today, so I did some painting outside... I find that my paintings are a lot more when I paint outside... There's a lot more white space. By way of contrast, here's something I painted inside... Continue Reading →

Canada Highlights, Part Two

After our trip to Quebec City, my wife and I headed to Montreal, which is not quite as quaint as Quebec, but just as fun to visit.

Android Invasion: Second Wave

Second Wave, the long-awaited (by me) follow-up to Android Invasion's Life at the Pace of Objects is now available as a free download. Just enter zero as the amount when the site asks you to name your price.  

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