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Canada Highlights, Part One

A few photos from my recent trip to Canada. These are from Quebec City, which my fellow blogger Fransi Weinstein promised would be a magical city, and it was!  

Return of the Blue Watcher

Back in May, I realized that I'd painted something new every month this year. To maintain my track record, I figured I'd better paint something today. This one originally started out as an abstract landscape, but I saw a face... Continue Reading →

Untitled Landscape

Art 4 MS: New Venue

Due to some flooding at the original venue, Art 4 MS will be moving to Bourbon Blue, at the corner of Main Street and Rector, in Manayunk, PA. Same date (Thursday, May 8), same time, (6PM to 10PM), same great... Continue Reading →

Blue Horizon

Also available at Art 4 MS:

Art 4 MS

Just a quick note to say that some of my art will be available at the Fourth Annual Art 4 MS art show on Thursday, May 8, from 6 to 10 pm at the Manayunk Brew Pub in Manayunk, PA.... Continue Reading →

Green Horizon

Painted yesterday.

Bird on Branch

I painted this one yesterday.

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