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J is for…

Need I say more?

By Popular Demand

You* asked for it... *By "you" I mean Christopher De Voss and Curtis Ann Matlock. Thanks for the inspiration!

Two Paintings

Though I've been busy with the start of a new semester, I've been unwinding each day by doing a little bit of painting. The first image below was inspired by a painting by the Hungarian artist Bela Czobel. The second...... Continue Reading →

Finger Painting

One thing I didn't mention about "Art Face" was that I finger-painted it. That's actually my preferred mode of painting, largely because I don't like cleaning my brushes. Here's another portrait I finger-painted. I did this one last June.

Art Face Prints

First, thanks to F.P. Dorchak, author of Sleepwalkers, for suggesting the title "Art Face" for the painting I shared in my last post. As promised, I took a shot at making a silkscreen print based on that one. This is... Continue Reading →


I haven't been painting much this summer, but here's something new. I want to use it as a template for a silkscreen print. If it turns out, I'll post a picture of that one, too.

Sketches and Scribblings

Funny where the mind goes when you let it wander.

Painting in Philadelphia Stories

I'm pleased to announce that one of my paintings is included in the latest issue of Philadelphia Stories. It appears alongside a few brief excerpts from Stripped, the flash fiction collection edited by Nicole Monaghan. But I'll also paste it... Continue Reading →

More from Pete’s Mail Bag

Still working under the twin handicaps of being a dog and no longer being with us, Pete continues to receive mail! Here's some of the latest: Having done yard work all weekend, I can say with relative certainty that Pete... Continue Reading →

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