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Local Authors Recommend…

Big thanks to Nicolette Milholin for including me in her Montgomery News article on the books that local authors recommend for avid readers this holiday season! It's great to be in such good company... Other authors interviewed for this article... Continue Reading →

I’ll Blurb Your Book…

Today's shirt design was inspired by the fine gentlemen at Bookfight, who have recently begun to curate a collection of bad blurbs.

By Popular Demand

You* asked for it... *By "you" I mean Christopher De Voss and Curtis Ann Matlock. Thanks for the inspiration!

Four-Star Review in Luxury Reading!

"The Grievers delivers a quick, succinct, raw and honest approach to life and death."

Where I Went to High School

First, a disclaimer: St. Leonard's Academy is not St. Joseph's Prep. Having said that, I will admit that some of the details regarding the school I depict in The Grievers* were inspired by the school I attended in my youth.... Continue Reading →

Profile in The Montgomery News

Big thanks to Nicolette Milholin for a flattering profile in The Montgomery News: "Laughter Abounds in English Prof's The Grievers." And while you're at it, check out her blog, Book Bound!

Sherman Hemsley

Anyone who's read The Grievers knows that the theme from The Jeffersons plays a small yet comically pivotal role in the novel. Sadly, I learned today that Sherman Hemsley, who played the iconic George Jefferson, passed away today. With this... Continue Reading →

Interviewed by Sandy Green

Which author would I invite to dinner if given the chance? The answer might surprise you! Check out The Sandy Side of Life: The Singular Exploits of an Author, Blogger, and Book Reviewer – An Interview with Marc Schuster. And if... Continue Reading →

Public Displays of Affectation

In addition to working on my own writing, I've been helping my friend Shaun Haurin with a collection of short stories titled Public Displays of Affectation. It's the last book I'll be working on for PS Books, and I've had... Continue Reading →

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