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All of Us Can Write Beautifully: An Interview with Maxine Hong Kingston

"I come from immigrant parents and am always trying to bring two cultures together, always trying to find where the common ground is."

Of Blackguards and Blatherskites: An Interview with Simon Read

Simon Read has a gift for bringing the past to life. His most recent book, War of Words, harkens back to the thrilling—and violent—days of yesteryear.

Review in Paper Triangle

A quick note of thanks to Stephen Mortensen at Paper Triangle for a heartfelt and complimentary review of The Grievers! And thanks as well to my good friend Tom Powers for his interview with me in the latest online edition... Continue Reading →

“War of Words” Book Giveaway

Simon Read has a gift for bringing the past to life in a vibrant and compelling fashion. I've been reading his latest book, War of Words, for the past few days and, as a result, have been engulfed in the... Continue Reading →

Rare Footage Now Available!

Here's as far as I got in my reading at Rosemont College on Tuesday before my camera died. Until I can resolve my battery issues, Plan B is to record about thirty seconds of footage from each reading and then... Continue Reading →

A Setback Circa 2004

I was paging through an old journal recently, and I found the following entry: August 14, 2004: Well, it's beginning to look like I'll have to publish The Grievers on my own. We came home today after house-sitting for my... Continue Reading →

Tuesday, Feb. 21: Reading at Rosemont College

Sorry for the short notice, but if you live in my general area (Philadelphia and its immediate environs) and are curious to see me in person, I've been invited to read at Rosemont College on Tuesday, February 21, at 7:30... Continue Reading →

A Conversation with Charles Holdefer

Charles Holdefer is the author of four novels and has also published many short stories, articles, and reviews. His previous novel, The Contractor (2007), was praised as “stylish, fiercely funny and frightening” (Kirkus) and as “a compelling mix of thriller,... Continue Reading →

Thanks to Amy Chiu!

Amy Chiu gives great advice: Be brave -- try new foods! Learn to laugh at yourself. There's always tomorrow. End a slow day with a laugh. Dance, dance, dance! And now, in addition to offering advice about staying ahead of... Continue Reading →

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