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Vinyl and Lyme Disease

Whether you enjoyed the premiere of Vinyl as the folks at Rolling Stone did or hated it like the folks at The New Yorker, you were no doubt left wondering whether that reference to Lyme disease about halfway through the... Continue Reading →

Pizza Squirrel

I watched this squirrel drag a slice of pizza over a four-foot mound of snow, across my yard, and up a tree. Note the defiance in its eyes toward the end of the clip.

The Land of Nod

Just doing some Christmas shopping when I stumbled upon a shop called The Land of Nod, which sells children's furniture. It's an odd name for a children's furniture store, considering that Nod is where Cain was exiled after killing Abel... Continue Reading →

Outside the Bachs

Here's a movie I made for my music class. I call it "Outside the Bachs." It's a pun on the fact that the movie is essentially someone opening a box and the music consists of two pieces by Bach that... Continue Reading →


Zutroy, the Sad Penguin

I'm trying to get more students to drop by during my office hours for help with coursework. Here's what I came up with...

Canada Highlights, Part Two

After our trip to Quebec City, my wife and I headed to Montreal, which is not quite as quaint as Quebec, but just as fun to visit.


On this, the 50th anniversary of the Beatles appearing on the Ed Sullivan show, I thought I'd share a comedy sketch that I wrote for The Madhouse Theater Company, and which they performed last month at Montgomery County Community College.... Continue Reading →

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