The #Tweetcore Radio Hour, Episode 2

In episode two of the #Tweetcore Radio Hour, I chat with Brian Lambert about some of his recent indie music discoveries and play music by The La La Lettes, Thee Rakevines, These Thrilling Lies, Fuzzruckus, The Fisherman and His Soul, Glider Excel, Laini Colman, Todd & Karen, Elephants and Stars, Tough on Fridays, The Screens, and Orange Creek Riders.

The #Tweetcore Radio Hour, Episode 1

Just realized that I can embed the #Tweetcore Radio Hour right here on my blog! In this inaugural episode, I play music by Phil Yates and the Affiliates, Bees!, Jr Moz Collective, Won’t Say Rabbit, Triangle Rain Club, The Star Crumbles, Brian Lambert, Eric Linden, Todd and Karen, the La La Lettes, Scoopski, Dino DiMuro, and the Dukenfields.