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Can imagination be measured?

Behold, the new multimillion-dollar effort to quantify what happens when you let your mind wander.

Try this: Picture a famous monument. Let’s say it’s the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor. You’re directly in front of it and you can see the whole thing, or at least your version of it—sandals, robe, face, crown, torch. Now, rotate it so you see one side, then the rear, the other side, and now the front again.

Finished? Well done. You’ve just flexed your imagination — or at least one of the many cognitive processes that make it possible.

Imagination, that vast and scintillating internal fountain of all things strange and new, is now at the center of some exceptionally focused and well-financed academic work.

So what is “imagination,” exactly?

“At the most basic level, imagination is the mental representation of things that are not immediately present to your senses,” says Scott Barry Kaufman…

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On a Thursday, The Typist Dreams

As always, click "download" and enter zero as the price you'd like to pay, and the music is yours for free! (My favorite at the moment is "Unobtrusive Groove.")

Canada Highlights, Part One

A few photos from my recent trip to Canada. These are from Quebec City, which my fellow blogger Fransi Weinstein promised would be a magical city, and it was!  

An opportunity missed…

Looks like I just missed my chance to pick up a hitch-hiking robot:

Au Revoir, Quebec!

Musee national des beaux-arts du Quebec

Pardon my French...

Visiting Quebec

Why Is There a Car on My Lawn?

At around 4 in the morning, a loud crash woke me from a pleasant dream involving Roddy McDowall and a rabbit* named Cornelius. When I looked out my window, I spotted a large SUV parked on my lawn. Apparently, the... Continue Reading →

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