I love all kinds of music and am involved in several projects.

Most recently, I’ve been recording under my own name and have released two songs: “Before the Boys” and “Good Dog.” The Eclectic Music Lover blog described “Before the Boys” as a “A sweet song, with a simple but catchy piano-driven melody, punctuated in the choruses with quirky synth sounds that create an endearing vibe.” And Beach Sloth wrote that “Good Dog” “feels outright glorious and Marc Schuster’s ability to craft a sound so classic is a true piece of bliss.”

I’m also working on a project with my cousin, Vince Zabielski. We’re calling the project The Ministry of Plausible Rumours. We’ve recorded an album’s worth of material at this point, and it’s currently in the mixing stage. The album is tentatively titled Summer Again.

Android Invasion is my ambient/electronic band. I’ve been recording on and off under this name for a while.

Plush Gordon is/was my more traditional rock band.

Zapatero was my previous project. It’s a little more poppy than Plush Gordon.