Logitech Mouse Button/OS X Yosemite fix…

I’m posting this in case anyone ran into the same problem I did…

I installed OSX Yosemite on my Mac Mini, and as soon as I did, the buttons on my mouse stopped working. Here’s how I fixed it.

First, you’ll need to temporarily set your keyboard up so that you can use it to “click” on icons. Note that I’m assuming your problem is the same as mine… Your keyboard works and the mouse still moves the pointer, but the buttons don’t work so you can’t click on anything.

  • Hold down the Alt (or Option) key and the Space Bar. This will open your Spotlight Search window.
  • Type Accessibility in the Spotlight Search window.
  • Use the Down Arrow Key to scroll down to Mouse & Trackpad.
  • Hit the Tab key. Doing so will highlight a box that reads “Enable Mouse Keys.”
  • Press the Space Bar. Doing so will check the box. You can now use the 5 key on your numeric keypad (or the letter I on your alphanumeric keyboard) as a substitute mouse button, and your mouse can still move the pointer.

Now you’ll need to download and install Logitech Control Center for Macintosh OSX.

  • Use your mouse to move your pointer to the icon for your internet browser. Remember to use the 5 key on your numeric keypad to “click” on the icon.
  • Google Logitech Control Center for Macintosh OSX, and use the 5 key on your numeric keypad, and click on the first result that appears:

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 11.02.24 AM

  • Follow the instructions for downloading the Logitech Control Center, keeping in mind that you need to use the 5 key on your numeric keypad instead of using your mouse button to click. When the installation is completed, you will be prompted to restart your computer. Once you have done so, your mouse buttons should work again.

Don’t forget to go back into your Accessibility window to uncheck Enable Mouse Keys after you’ve finished!

My Birthday/Hitchbot/True Detective

Today is my birthday. Here’s what I want: A promise from Nick Pizzolatto to make up for the disappointing second season of True Detective by setting season three in Philadelphia and dedicating it to figuring out who killed Hitchbot. The twist? Hitchbot saw something he shouldn’t have, and some combination of the Philly PD, the FBI, and, I don’t know, the CIA needs to figure out what he saw… Honestly, though, I’m so disappointed that my hometown is where Hitchbot met his demise. And the guy who did it was caught on tape wearing an Eagles jersey. It’s enough to make a guy root for the Giants.

How I feel right now…