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“Spooky” (New Track from Android Invasion)

Apple recently put out a new version of Garage Band. It has its pros and cons, but testing it out gave me a chance to record this new track for my imaginary band, Android Invasion.  

Is Nothing Sacred?

My short essay on religion and postmodernism, titled "Is Nothing Sacred?," is now up at The First Day. Here's an excerpt: Because we live in a world where so many different cultures live side-by-side, we’ve been forced to realize that... Continue Reading →

More Sketchy Thoughts on Slaughterhouse Five

A while back, I posted some thoughts on whether or not Billy Pilgrim is hallucinating when he's visited by aliens in Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse Five. I'm teaching the novel again this week, an my thoughts have turned to the issue... Continue Reading →

Review: I’m in a Mood by Scot Sax

My review of I'm in a Mood, the latest CD release from Scot Sax, is now up at The First Day. Here's an excerpt: Musically, the opening tracks of I’m in a Mood call to mind a handful of my... Continue Reading →

Three Houses


Here's something I mentioned in one of my classes today... Just a theory I'm working on. I'd argue that throughout any given literary movement (or, more generally, artistic movement), there's an ongoing debate of many, many voices, each representing a... Continue Reading →

Form 28

My short story "Form 28" is now up at the Ampersand Review. Enjoy!

Gone Fishin’

I Wear the Black Hat

My review of Chuck Klosterman's latest collection of essays, I Wear the Black Hat, is now up at The New York Journal of Books: I Wear the Black Hat.

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