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I Wear the Black Hat

My review of Chuck Klosterman's latest collection of essays, I Wear the Black Hat, is now up at The New York Journal of Books: I Wear the Black Hat.

Trying to Make Sense of the World: An Interview with Charles Holdefer

In the latest installment of my podcast, I interview Charles Holdefer, author of Back in the Game,┬áThe Contractor, Nice, and Apology for Big Rod. An American author, Charles lives in Belgium and teaches in France at the University of Poitiers.... Continue Reading →

Going Around the Rocks: An Interview with FP Dorchak

In the latest installment of my podcast, I begin with a story about my childhood friend Bruce, and then I interview author FP Dorchak, whose blog, Runnin' Off at the Mouth has been a favorite of mine for some time.

Make Things Happen: Writing Tips from an Eight-Year-Old

In the latest episode of my podcast, a misunderstanding leads me to interview an award-winning eight-year-old author and her younger sister. Later, their father reveals how his own childhood trauma has informed their creativity. The younger sister then rounds things... Continue Reading →

Interviewed by Mary L. Tabor on Rarebird Radio

Big thanks to Mary L. Tabor for interviewing me on her radio show! We talked about teaching, creativity, comedy, books, publishing, small presses, and independent bookstores, all in the space of a half-hour! Here's a link, in case you're curious:... Continue Reading →

Everybody’s Talking At Me…

Well, at least I hope everybody's talking at me... Or posting comments and questions to the discussion board that Rare Bird Blogtalk Radio host Mary L. Tabor has started for fans of my work on GoodReads. Mary will also be... Continue Reading →

Inexplicable Need

In the latest installment of my podcast, "Inexplicable Need: An Interview with Shaun Haurin," I get into a heated discussion with a former student about how to address a former professor and also about the title of one of my... Continue Reading →

New Story in Apiary

Regular readers of my blog may recall a recording of a short story of mine titled "Madrid" that I posted back in March after a live reading with my friends Tim Simmons and Dave Calamaro. Today I'm pleased to announce... Continue Reading →

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