The World of Zapatero

“In the Light”

In the guise of my musical alter-ego, I played a live set at Old Haverford Friends Meetinghouse last night and was happy to be joined on synthesizers by a couple of robots. It was likely a first for a meetinghouse... Continue Reading →

“The Many Sided Window” by Tim Simmons

My friend Tim Simmons wrote this instrumental piece and juxtaposed it with some footage he found in the Prelinger Archives. Tim is playing guitar and glockenspiel on this track, and I'm playing synthesizers.  

Three New Songs

Wherefore M. Zapatero?

As you may have noticed, my last few blog posts have included music attributed to M. Zapatero. It's a name I've been thinking about using for a dozen years or so, ever since I found out that Zapatero is (more... Continue Reading →

M. Zapatero: “In the Light”

Here's my latest recording. This is the first time I've played drums on one of my recordings. In the past, I programmed a drum machine, but I've been taking drum lessons over the past few weeks and wanted to try... Continue Reading →

“West Philly Bedroom” by M. Zapatero

Here's the latest Zapatero track. It's a little different from the others. A little more rock, a little less electronic. But there's still a nice synth break in the middle. In any case, I'm charging $1 for it, but if... Continue Reading →

Sweet Chocolate…

I was thinking about how everything gets commodified in our world. Everything including religion -- and especially around religious holidays. Then I came upon a message from a salesperson at a local department store. The salesperson said, among other things,... Continue Reading →

Teaching at a Community College: A Fulfilling Career

A student recently emailed to say that she was concerned about her future and that she wasn't sure about the career path she wanted to take. One of her concerns, she said, was making money, but she also wanted to... Continue Reading →

“Spongecake” by M. Zapatero

I was sitting on the beach, and every iPod was playing Jimmy Buffett's "Margaritaville," but they were all out of sync with each other. The song would be fading on one tinny speaker and just starting on another. Or two... Continue Reading →

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