The World of Zapatero

“Into the Yoni” by M. Zapatero

A friend of mine and I were talking about Stranger Things -- talking in the sense that we were emailing back and forth while I worked on this song and she was recovering from a car accident. I said I... Continue Reading →

“Tune Your Tooth” by M. Zapatero

Here's a new track by my musical alter-ego, M. Zapatero.* It's largely instrumental, but the lyrics are roughly as follows: Tune your tooth to the tune of truth. Again. On a related note, I've been reading Moby's biography, Porcelain, and... Continue Reading →

“Dream” Performed by Paul Sanwald

Here's a jazzy track by my very talented brother-in-law, Paul Sanwald:

Secret Goldfish: “Stop the Fall”

Here's a song I recorded about a year ago with my friend Tim Simmons. Mainly we were recording on Tuesday nights, so it took us a few months to get it all done, and by the time we were finished,... Continue Reading →

Mr Xquisite: doppelgangerous

Here's the EP I recorded with my friend Shaun Haurin under the name Mr Xquisite. Shaun wrote most of the lyrics (except on "Fuzzy Logic"), and I wrote the music. Shaun sings on "Stunt Double" and "Monozygotic." I sing on... Continue Reading →

Mr Xquisite pt. 2: “Two Member Meeting”

My instructions for this one were to write an instrumental piece to go along with the title "Two Member Meeting of the Mutual Admiration Society." The track below is attempt number two, which I decided not to use because it... Continue Reading →

What I’ve Been Up to Lately (Mr Xquisite, pt. 1)

It's that time of year again... School's out in a few weeks, and my mind is turning toward creative projects I'll want to tackle over the summer. Right now, I have two in mind. The first is a short work... Continue Reading →

Welcome to “The Jangle”

Here's a song I wrote and recorded over the weekend... If you like the Beatles (circa Hard Day's Night) or the Byrds, you might enjoy this one.  

Forgot About This

I'm sure I posted this a long time ago, but I was going through some of my old music and was thinking this is pretty... interesting... About a half-hour of moody electronic improv.

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