The World of Zapatero

So… Handmines! (Doctor Who, Daleks, & Slaughterhouse Five)

I just watched the season premiere of Doctor Who and was struck by the thing that probably struck all fans of Kurt Vonnegut's Slaugherhouse Five: The Handmines are suspiciously similar to the Tralfamadorians. In case you haven't seen the episode,... Continue Reading →

That’s Me on the Academy Gothic Book Trailer Soundtrack!

My friend James Tate Hill has a new book called Academy Gothic coming out in October, and I was very pleased to write and record music for two book trailers he put together. Here's the first:

Logitech Mouse Button/OS X Yosemite fix…

I'm posting this in case anyone ran into the same problem I did... I installed OSX Yosemite on my Mac Mini, and as soon as I did, the buttons on my mouse stopped working. Here's how I fixed it. First,... Continue Reading →

My Birthday/Hitchbot/True Detective

Today is my birthday. Here's what I want: A promise from Nick Pizzolatto to make up for the disappointing second season of True Detective by setting season three in Philadelphia and dedicating it to figuring out who killed Hitchbot. The... Continue Reading →

For the Guest Room

My wife and I have been redecorating our guest room... Here's a painting I've been working on as part of the project.

New Music

Here's something I've been working on... Tentatively titled "Don't Let It Go." Largely because I can't stand the Disney song "Let It Go."

Beleaguered Tourist Writes Tell-All Memoir

In his new tell-all memoir Leave Me the Hell Alone, beleaguered tourist Waldo writes that he's tired of people trying to find him. "Has it ever occurred to you people that I'm trying to blend into my surroundings for a... Continue Reading →

Pandora’s Bachs

In this one, I combined the basic ideas of my last two short films and added more sound effects.

Flash Experiment

My first attempt at flash animation. It's only three seconds long, so I suppose the full-length animated feature film is a little ways off...

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