Secret Goldfish: “Stop the Fall”

Here’s a song I recorded about a year ago with my friend Tim Simmons. Mainly we were recording on Tuesday nights, so it took us a few months to get it all done, and by the time we were finished, we decided we were bored with it. I was listening to it this morning, though, and decided it wasn’t bad. A little long, maybe, but okay and with a nice sentiment.

Tim wrote the song, and I guess you could argue that I “produced” it, if that means pressing the record button whenever it was time to lay down a track. If memory serves, Tim sings and plays guitar and drums. I played the other instruments and added backing vocals. The angelic “ahhs” you hear in the background? That’s me. It’s amazing what a little reverb can do.

If you like the song, you can download it for free. Just enter zero as the amount you’d like to pay for it.

Mr Xquisite: doppelgangerous

Here’s the EP I recorded with my friend Shaun Haurin under the name Mr Xquisite. Shaun wrote most of the lyrics (except on “Fuzzy Logic”), and I wrote the music. Shaun sings on “Stunt Double” and “Monozygotic.” I sing on “Secret Sharer” and “Fuzzy Logic.” We take turns on “The Bride (A Web of Men),” a song inspired by Marcel Duchamp’s The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even (The Large Glass). Shaun’s son Sebastian adds a nifty guitar riff to the beginning of “The Bride,” and we’re also joined by Shaun’s friend Christimac. The cover photo is by Kristine Di Grigoli.

If you want a coupon code to download the EP for free, shoot me an email, and I’ll send one off to you.